Christopher Wood

Christopher Wood was born in 1935 in London. A screenwriter and novelist, Wood was the first author to write novelizations of Bond films. His novelization of The Spy Who Loved Me, renamed James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) to avoid confusion with Ian Fleming's original novel, has very few similarities with Fleming's story. The plot of Moonraker, renamed James Bond and Moonraker (1979), is almost entirely written by Wood, although it does share some similarities with Fleming's original novel, in particular the villain Sir Hugo Drax. Kingsley Amis wrote in The New Statesman that, despite several reservations, "Mr Wood has bravely tackled his formidable task, that of turning a typical late Bond film, which must be basically facetious, into a novel after Ian Fleming, which must be basically serious. ... the descriptions are adequate and the action writing excellent."

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