Correspondence regarding Book Collecting. IAN FLEMING / PERCY MUIR.

Correspondence regarding Book Collecting.

1963. July-December 1963. A series of letters between Ian Fleming, Percy Muir and a Canadian reader of 'The Book Collector' journal regarding a potential rare book. 5 letters, two of which are signed by Fleming; 1) An enquiry from the reader describing her book, addressed 'Dear Mr Fleming'. 2 pages, handwritten. 2) The retained carbon reply by Fleming advising the reader her enquiry has been passed to book expert Percy Muir. Typed letter, hole-punched at margin. 3) Brief typed letter to Percy Muir, apologising for enclosing the 'daft letter' of enquiry. On Mitre Court heading (Fleet Street), signed 'Ian'. 4) The retained carbon appraisal of the book from Percy Muir to the enquirer. Typed letter, hole-punched at margin. 5) Longer typed letter to Percy Muir mentioning the Book Collector, John [Hayward] and a trip to Jamaica [he owned a property 'Goldeneye' on Jamaica's North Shore]. Mitre Court heading (Fleet Street), signed 'affectionately Ian'. A fine correspondence between the 'James Bond' creator Ian Fleming and his close friend and colleague Percy Muir -Muir was a respected bibliophile who assembled Fleming's important scientific library, and both men sat on the editorial board of The Book Collector journal which was published by Fleming's Queen Anne Press. Fleming was godfather to Muir's daughter Helen. In the James Bond novel 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' (published just before the date of this correspondence) a character is named in Percy's honour; the British Agent 'Alexander Muir', Head of Station Z (Zurich), fittingly appears with a signal room hidden behind a book-lined wall. Near fine condition throughout. Item #39125

[Gilbert p.649].

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