Amherst Villiers Superchargers. Charles AMHERST VILLIERS.

Amherst Villiers Superchargers

Motormedia Publications, Surrey. Printed at the Ditchling Press Ltd. n.d. Facsimile brochure for Amherst Villiers Superchargers. Card covers, magazine format. Fine. Charles Amherst Villiers [1900-1991] was an important automotive and aeronautical engineer who was the only man to work for with both motor racing legends Ettore Bugatti and W.O.Bentley. He built the Land Speed Record-breaker Blurbird Villiers and then designed a supercharger for the 4½ litre Bentley racing at Brooklands. Villiers becames somewhat of a celebrity, and was profiled in the series 'Leading Men in the British Motor Industry' (reproduced in this brochure). Superchargers fascinated writer Ian Fleming [1908-1964] and he became friends with Amherst Villiers and the Bentley Boys, later selecting the 'blower' as his famous character' James Bond's own vehicle. Villiers' superchargers were manufactured by engineer David Brown who, upon acquiring Aston Martin in 1947, produced the legendary 'D.B.' series of luxury GT cars which would feature in the later James Bond novel 'Goldfinger' (a DB3). Item #39793

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