James Bond. The Paradise Plot. Original Comic Strip artwork, signed by the Illustrator.

Copyright, Glidrose 1981-2. A three-strip panel, being board number 256 drawn in pen and ink on artboard, with pasteover sections of text. Twice SIGNED by John McLusky, firstlly beneath central illustration and again, to revese side, together with adoodled '007' motif, below his 6-linehand-written description. In a simple matt black frame, being glazed to both sides, displaying both front and back of board. Attractively presented. Fine condition. Overall dimensions 54 x 19cm. Written by Jim Lawrence, 'The Paradise Plot' was first serialised in the Daily Express from August 1981-June 1982. It did not appear in a book-form edition until paired with 'Deathmask', published by Titan in 2008. This particular panel shows a key point in the story where Bond is about to investigate Project Polestar, based on the mysterious Estrellita Island in the West Indies. John McLusky is the original and most significant of the James Bond comic strip artists, contributing to over 50 story arcs between 1958 and 1983 and being responsible for portraying what many feel to be the 'Face of Bond' in 1958, drawn notably similar to Sean Connery, some four years prior to the actor landing the role! His original comic panels are hard to find, with many early examples suffering from damp whilst stored at the Daily Express. Item #48318

Gilbert, p.648.

Price: £895.00