Jeffrey Deaver

As with Sebastian Faulks in 2008, best-selling author Jeffrey Deaver was approached to write a one-off James Bond novel, which was cleverly marketed under the title Project X and published as Carte Blanche in 2011. Deaver has variously been a journalist, folk singer and attorney, and enjoys a career as a leading crime novelist and short story writer, famed for his detective character Lincoln Rhyme. In 2004, Jeffrey Deaver won the CWA's Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for his book Garden of Beasts; In his acceptance speech he talked about his lifelong admiration of Fleming's writing. He went on to write an introduction to the 2006 'Bond Re-jacketed' edition of Casino Royale, published by Penguin. Unlike Sebastian Faulks' James Bond novel, Deaver's entry in the 007 canon was not set in the 1960's, but instead Carte Blanche finds our hero in a contemporary setting working in a modern-day intelligence service.

Selected Bibliography/ Editions of Note:

  • Carte Blanche. First Edition, white dust-jacket. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2011.
  • Carte Blanche. Indies Edition- 1500 signed copies for independent retailers, in a black jacket. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2011.
  • Carte Blanche. Signed Limited Edition- 750 copies for Waterstones booksellers, in white jacket housed in a black flip-top box. Hodder, 2011.
  • Carte Blanche. Bentley Limited Edition. 500 numbered copies, bound in white Nappa hide with contrasting red stitching. The book is printed in two colours on ivory paper, with a die-cut housing for a replica bullet, and housed in a custom-made metal box, moulded in the shape of the Bentley Continental GT. For full details please visit the Bentley Edition official site
  • Carte Blanche. 'Red' Edition. 500 copies. An affordable alternative to the majestic 'Bentley' edition above, this is essentially the same book with the replica bullet,engraved with the edition number on the percussion cap, but without the cast metal box and now bound in red hide. Published late 2011.